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  • "DIY Modular Vehicle"
  • "DIY Wing Nut Braking"
  • "DIY Micro Stop Switch"

Welcome To Top Finish Kits

After being a coach for several years, I wanted to create a vehicle starting kit to help students start down the correct path. These vehicle kits are based on the kits used by the students I coach.

This website provides a kit system that is designed for students ranging from very experienced to no experience at all. These kits will allow students to increase their knowledge of the science behind the event. Once the students understand the event and the vehicle, the assembled vehicle can be modified and/or improved to match the team's own ideas.

One of our goals is to help students who may have limited access to coaching and/or a knowledge base. The kits have detailed assembly instructions to help the students quickly get a working vehicle. The instructions contain thought generating questions about how the vehicle should be assembled as well as detailed diagrams. The parts list and ideas shown here allow students the chance to build a winning vehicle. The designs are not set in stone as there are different options during assembly that would improve the vehicle based on the event. It is the responsibility of the students to discover what configuration will give them the best finish.

The re-usability of these kits is a large advantage. Science Olympiad will have the same event for a couple of years with some changes between each year. Parts of the kit can be reused from year to year as the events change. This can greatly help schools with a limited budget. The parts in the kits are designed to last more than just one season. The overall design is engineered to be adjustable for rule changes.